Faculty Connections

MSU is supporting several efforts to create greater communication, research, and funding opportunities for MSU faculty and staff through multidisciplinary collaboration.

Infancy to Innovation Networks

Infancy to Innovation (i2i) is a systems change framework employed across community sectors and coalitions to improve developmental outcomes for all children. The framework combines community resources to promote positive transitions for all children through three critical stages of development: 1) early childhood, 2) middle childhood/early adolescence, and 3) late adolescence/early adulthood. Because we know that success in each of these critical transitions requires that children have access to multiple supports and opportunities, our ultimate goal is to affect change at all levels of the community systems that support development – that is, family, neighborhood, organizations, and community. Michigan State University is working with communities across Michigan to develop and utilize the i2i framework for local change. Interested MSU faculty are encouraged to get involved. To learn more about this initiative, visit the Infancy to Innovation website.

Pre-College Committee

The Pre-College Committee at MSU is comprised of program directors, coordinators, and senior administrators who work to coordinate the activities of pre-college programs at MSU. The committee provides guidance on policies and procedures and offers a framework for pre-college personnel at MSU and other organizations to collaborate. The committee holds regular meetings. To learn more about the Committee, visit the Spartan Youth Programs website.