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O-AIM Concept Development Team

Robert E. Brown

Assistant Director, Outreach Partnerships

Celeste Sturdevant Reed

Engagement Specialist, Outreach Partnerships

Evaluator, Institute for Children, Youth, and Families

Capable Communities Development Team

MSU University Outreach and Engagement

L. Annette Abrams

Burton A. Bargerstock

Ghada Georgis

Dave G. Knaggs

Maureen LeLacheur

Jennifer Smith-Burden

Jennifer Ann-Follett Stanuszek

Richard Whitley

John Douglass Whyte

Diane L. Zimmerman


Paul Conn and Mitch Crank, Market researc

The Focus Group, LCC

Brian Cools and Linda Currier, Graphic design & business communications

Cools and Currier, Inc.

Carl Raymond, Website programming

Orchard Software Development, LLC

Chauncey Wilson, Human-Computer Interaction Architect

MSU Asset Workgroup (“Both/And Team”)

Titles listed for each refer to their positions at the time of their involvement

L. Annette Abrams, University Outreach Partnerships

Robert E. Brown, University Outreach Partnerships

Susan Coccarelli, Center for Urban Affairs/MSU Extension

Christie Eppler, Department of Family and Child Ecology

Roger Hamlin, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR)

Leroy Harvey, MSU Extension

Joanne Keith, Family and Child Ecology

Dave G. Knaggs, University Outreach Partnerships

Mary Ludtke, Consultant, University Outreach Partnerships

Mary MacDonald, Consultant, University Outreach Partnerships

John Melcher, Center for Urban Affairs

Patricia Miller, University Outreach and Engagement

Carmen Pricopi, MSU Extension

Jennifer Smith-Burden, Department of Family and Child Ecology

Michael Spurgin, Outreach Instructional Programs

Jennifer Ann-Follett Stanuszek, Department of Family and Child Ecology

Celeste Sturdevant Reed, University Outreach Partnerships

Faron Supanich-Goldner, Center for Urban Affairs

Betty Tableman, University Outreach Partnerships

Francisco (“Chico”) Villarruel, Department of Family and Child Ecology

John Douglass Whyte, School of Social Work

Diane L. Zimmerman, University Outreach and Engagement

Partnership Team Members

St. Vincent Catholic Charities

Fran Cook

Tina Johnson

Sherri Solomon-Jozwiak

Cheryl Williams-Hecksel

Community Member Contributors

Chantail Ballard

Elaine Biskupic

Suzanne Brook

Susan E. Cancro

Fran Cook

Jean M. Garratt

John M. Haynes

Kristin Heinrich

Carla J. Hills

Dara John

Tina Johnson

Jennifer Juras

Jennifer C. Knaggs

Joseph A. Lessard

Denise M. Lynch

Antonio Lavon Manning

Paul McConaughy

Michelle McDonald

Ann M. McMillan

Theresa K. McNamara

Sharon McWilliams

Lynda C. Meade

Kathleen Miller

P.A. Paul-Shaheen

Denise M. Paquette

M. Penniman

Rosalie Sanara Petrouske

Anne Rosewarne

Amanda A. Schafer

John H. Schweitzer

Mary A. Scoblic

Shannon C. Scofield

Paul N. Shaheen

Peter Shannon

Dian Silvey

John A. Tucker

Jocelyn Vanda

David Weiner