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Phases of Operationalizing Outcome Evaluation within Organizations

This chart is designed to help people think about the steps, actions, and considerations involved in planning and implementing an intentional strategy to evaluate their asset/outcome work. While outcome evaluation can be done on either deficit or asset-based work, MSU Outreach Partnerships consider the careful creation and implementation of an evaluation design, based on asset-derived outcomes, to be an integral component in the creation, and self informational process, of social change.

Utilizing Wilber’s (1995) aspects of development, the chart combines work by the United Way of America (1996) and Andrews, Reed, Brown, et al. (undated).

This chart serves as a tool to help those interested in using outcome evaluation design to guide them in their journey for achieving intentional change. The chart recognizes that consideration must be given at each phase to thoughts, feelings, and skills (Individual Intention), what to do (Individual Behavior), what mutual understandings are needed (Collective Culture) and what groups or alliances (Collective Structure) will be needed to support successful completion and movement to the next phase. Under each aspect of development, the chart lists the qualities that are often associated with each phase.

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