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Who would benefit from this website, and why?

This website was developed in 2004 to inform and support the work of anyone interested in promoting  positive change at the individual, family, neighborhood, interagency, and community levels. This includes anyone who works in the following human service related areas:



  • individual human service staff
  • administrators
  • students and educators
  • neighborhoods
  • communities
  • public and private organizations
  • government agencies

As you read through this website, we believe that you will think of ways you can apply our  Outcome-Asset Impact Model (O-AIM) to your particular situation. Although the website is not designed as a “how to” guide, we feel it will help you begin your new journey toward the often daunting task of building fundamental change.

You will find this website useful if you have struggled with any of the following dilemmas in your work:

  • Your organization never seems to have enough time, staff, or money to do the work. Given the size of the problems you deal with, you don’t think you’ll ever have enough resources.
  • You have successfully implemented the changes you want, but you can’t seem to sustain the momentum. People always seem to revert back to their old ways.
  • Staff follow the new policies, but they continue to think of clients in the same way they always have; so the change remains superficial.
  • You know you need to shift toward prevention, but there are so many clients who need help now, you’re not sure how to make the shift.
  • You can’t seem to get the community involved in solving shared problems.
  • Although you understand that collaboration between human service agencies increases overall success, you don’t know how to make it work.
  • Given that there are so many issues to work on, you can’t agree on where to start.
  • Your funders require outcome evaluation data to justify your programs. You know you are doing good work, but you can’t prove it.
  • You are unsure whether you really are helping people.

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